Liberal Freeloaders at Local Grocery Store

Posted on March 19, 2011


Had an experience toady that I will never forget because it absolutely infuriates me. As God as my witness this is 100% true. I was stuck behind a woman at a grocery store recently and this is not in itself out of the ordinary, but she was talking about grocery prices. Instead of loading up her cart of groceries she instead complains with the cashier for about 5 minutes about some coupons that were expired, and bitching about the price of groceries. “oooh honey, I KNOW you is gon’ take dees coupons”. On and on, as if the cashier could do something at that moment to correct the economy.

Finally she gave up and started loading her groceries on the belt. Clearly, she wasn’t starving anyways because she had to weigh a good 250lbs at least. Time to pay, she slaps down her link card to pay for just about all of it. OK, ‘typical’ I said to myself.

Well, I made it through the checkout and out into the parking lot. My car had just so happened to be parked by the bitchy lady, and what I saw just made my head want to explode with frustration. The lady was loading all of her groceries that were mostly paid for by taxpayers into her brand new Escalade.

What has become of this country? Why is logic completely thrown out the window in the name of so called ‘compassion’? Am I the crazy one? Or does this seem wrong to anyone else?

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