Quinn congratulates Democrats on income tax increase

Posted on January 12, 2011


Clout St: Quinn congratulates Democrats on income tax increase.

This is just what Illinois needs right now, a tax hike. And, on businesses especially. What it the world could these idiots possibly be thinking?

Why can’t we just increase the income tax in districts that have democrat representatives, and leave the rest of the districts alone. In return, we will be exempt from any new state services.

It even pisses me off when Chicago liberals ruin their own city, but when Chicago liberals start bringing the rest of the state down with them, it becomes a major problem for me.

This state is now screwed, any businesses that are near a border are moving and any productive citizen will be right behind them. As they did in New York. What kind of conscience does it take to confiscate more money after squandering it so badly in the past. And cuts? You must be crazy if you think there will ever be cuts. It’s never happened in the history of Illinois, but they know you will buy that line, you do every time. Perfect example: what happens to schools when they don’t perform well? They get more money.  Tell me where in the private sector where that is a recipe for success.

You see, simple logic will tell you that rewarding bad behavior is only going to get you more of it. But politicians say “Oh, the poor kids. We need more money”. My village works on a fraction of the budget Chicago public schools do, and they are one of the best schools in the country. The teachers actually teach the kids, and they are good at it. What a concept!

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