Goodbye, jobs –

Posted on January 12, 2011


Goodbye, jobs –

I am not at all surprised. Illinois is screwed as long as the dim-whits in this state keep voting for democrats and falling for their tricks. “Schools, police, fire!!! We are going to have to cut EVERY last one of them unless we get more money!! Actually it’s our money what are you doing with it anyways?!” Then they pass along the increases to union thugs that don’t produce and pensions for people that haven’t worked in decades.

Can any of you democrats honestly say that this is sustainable? We want jobs, but we double down tax job creators? On what messed up planet could that possibly work?! Not to mention, we take away more money for people to spend? All this amidst a recession!!! This is the most backwards, illogical, ignorant thing that could possibly be done.

What’s sadder is that there is barely an outrage. Move over Michigan, we’re going to make you look like pikers when we’re done.

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