2012 How the world will end: Obama looses election, blacks riot.

Posted on July 21, 2010


Can I say that this seems a little eerie? They Mayan calendar ends not long after the elections in 2012? We have seen what happens when a random street thug looses a case in court (Hello Oakland), or the Rodney King riots (That’s you LA). Can anyone possibly put into words what will happen if the first black president is thrown out of office by the electorate in 2012? Chaos I guess.

Urban areas like Oakland and LA have a lot to worry about. The race-baiting that has been going on there has left blacks with a horrible view of whites, its a powder keg ready to ignite. Might I add, the race industry has done nothing to help the black family in California, as they are in the worst shape they have ever been.

And what can we do? Nothing. Nobody will be able to say anything due to the fear of being called racist. We have to just lock our doors and hope the problem goes away, treat the situation like its a pack of wild animals. I think its sad that we can’t all just act like we are all people, not just groups of races. But as long as there are liberals that control media and some portion of government, it will never go away; they need voters.

Seriously, 2012 is not the end of the world, but according to the Mayans it is a time of rebirth. I believe there will be a huge change for the better in 2012. The American people are not silent any more. Things have gotten so bad that the typical voter that normally pays no attention to the issues are becoming more informed and involved than ever before. Hopefully in 2010 we can put a plug in the spending so there is no further damage, then in 2012 the cleanup from this liberal experiment can begin.

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