‘Global Warming’ silently changes to ‘Climate Change’

Posted on January 4, 2010


Peru’s mountain people face fight for survival in a bitter winter


As you might guess, this issue makes me the most angry. Because, I just don’t understand how this many people can not have a brain.

The article above explains how some people in Peru are facing downright ‘extinction’ from cooling global temperatures. Guess who the culprit is: Global Wa…….I mean, Climate change! At least you have to give it to these nut jobs, they saw that none of their data holds up to scrutiny as global temperatures plummet. So they changed it to ‘climate change’.

So this got me thinking, what does this mean? Any time the weather changes its because of man? I thought Al Gore’s movie was all about warming? Remember how he pointed out all the hurricanes we were supposed to have and how Mt. Fiji was loosing its snow, or some crap like that? If his data was worth a damn at all, shouldn’t it be warming? Or at the very least, NOT plunging in the opposite direction? Why does he get it both ways? Especially when he is proven wrong over and over. How could this ‘Man-Made Climate Change’ movement still exist, is there no talking sense into you people?

Is it too late for Al Gore to make a new ice age movie? And if he did, would his ‘followers’ buy that one blindly and just ignore the other one? Here is a quick lesson in weather: it changes. It always has, it always will no matter what is on the planet. Got it? Now lets move on and stop wasting so much collective time and resources on a fairy-tail.