I hope Obama doesn’t see this article!

Posted on January 3, 2010


Venezuela begins 2010 with electricity rationing – Breitbart.com


Can you imagine Obama thinking about this article? “Wow, he could control who gets electricity and who doesn’t?! What a country!” Venezuela may have some serious issues, but Obama could seriously just say, “I’m going to ration electricity! To save the planet from global warming! Its for your own good!” And the idiots that voted for him would just eat it up, without question or complaint.

The first place to be rationed, chosen completely at random I’m sure, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh’s studio. Chosen at random of course…for YOUR own good…to save “global warming”. Then we will ration batteries, available only for purchase at Chicago City Hall, or any of Mayor Daley’s participating relative’s house.

Thank God we aren’t in Venezuela, but lets also hope that this country doesn’t get to that point. Because that is where it is headed now. TGI-2010!!

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