Remember all of this before you idiots vote for Democrats again.

Posted on December 24, 2009


For Their Next Trick . . . –

Let all of this health care garbage be a lesson to ALL of you in this country that think its ok to vote for Democrats. Your probably the ones who will be hurt the worst, despite OUR efforts to warn you. Democratic voters are always the victim, and the culprits are never held to account. (See: war on poverty, Medicaid, social security, heck they even tried to keep slavery legal)

This time, please remember who is passing the piece of garbage legislation that NOBODY wants. As a matter of fact, they are trying their best to hide every detail in this bill. Because they KNOW the American people don’t want it. And if this was a bill that they thought was so great, why would they have to bribe a Senator to vote for it?

Why don’t they want to release all the details about it? Make them public, and shout it from the rooftops. Why should we have to pass a bill that has to be hidden from the public?

I’m sick of it. Especially being in Chicago, I know how it is. Backroom deals, tainted contracts that go to your relatives, higher taxes, fixed elections, etc. And the people here don’t care. I just hope America has a little fight left and does not turn into the zombies that live here. Chicago is gone forever, but hopefully America can survive. We need somewhere to go.

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