Believe in manmade global warming? If you do, your an idiot. I’m sorry.

Posted on December 18, 2009


Copenhagen climate summit: ‘most important paper in the world’ is a glorified UN press release – Telegraph Blogs.

A great article from Gerald Warner. I hate talking about climate change, mainly because it infuriates me. How can such a large group of people be so stupid? How can they be fooled so easily? I do believe that the men at the top (the ones making the $$$), know that it is a hoax. But how can a significant percentage of the public be fooled by this stupid crap? It’s not even a thought in my mind to accept such an obvious hoax like global warming, how can anyone accept it so readily?

Even before the release of the emails from East Anglia, I think a majority of people in the US knew it was BS. But still, a significant portion of people still believe this. I can understand maybe falling for it in some European socialist country that has a state controlled media, but in the US you have no excuse.

Remember, only 20 years ago the media was panicked over a second ice age. 20 years ago! that is not even the blink of an eye to the history of the planet. How does the media get away with malpractice year after year? The report horribly false information, then never correct it or apologize. They just go to the next story and report more crap, and for some reason people keep believing it! Wake up, idiots!

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