This is Why the World Hates Gays

Posted on November 26, 2009


Adam Lambert furor spreads to gay community:

When I saw the title of this article I thought to myself “Its about time gays in this country stand up to this kind of garbage”. I was expecting to read something like this from the gay community: “I think crap like this portrays gay people in a negative light, and it has to stop.”


To my surprise, or not,this article goes on to describe how gays are outraged by CBS’s hypocrisy, no mention about how inappropriate his performance was. If I were gay I would be upset with junk like this. It makes gay people look in-human, like some kind of sex-starved, perverted, gay zombies.


To the gay community I say this: pick your battles wisely. You really want Adam Lambert as a credible spokesman for your lifestyle? I never understood why someones sexual preference has to be shoved down other peoples throats, but if you must please pick someone else. No feather boas, no leather chaps, no dominatrix outfits, but a normal person. Is there no sane gay person out there?


Is this making any sense to anyone but me? The majority of the country does not tolerate this kind of crap. Complain all you want, they don’t! And then you wonder why gay marriage fails every time it is put to a vote.

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