Lib-Media Quick to Cover for BO!!!

Posted on November 17, 2009


I like to call the liberal media “Deodorant” because they try their best to cover BO. This story from ABC is an absolute joke. They say “We are in no way accusing any wrongdoing”. Whew!! Thank God! Because a politician from Chicago doing something like this? Its unprecedented right? (queue up the sound of chirping crickets here)


Now, imagine if President Bush were still in office. Any ideas about how this story would have went? They would have accused him of hiding this money in a slush fund to commit another 9/11. But President Obama? Oh gosh, no way he could possibly do anything wrong. EVER! It was just a mistake by those darn idiot private citizens again!

Jobs Saved or Created in Congressional Districts That Don’t Exist – ABC News.

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