Why are liberals so miserable?

Posted on October 16, 2009


I think volumes could be written on this particular topic. Seriously, think about it. Thoes like Barney Frank walk around all day with a horrible frown on their face. Whenever Barney speaks he is shouting in a shrill, cartoon-ish tone. He reminds me of a sloppy, depressed, perverted version of Elmer Fudd. The ones that DO manage a smile for the camera appear to be doing so at gunpoint. And Nancy Pelosi? She just appears out of her mind most of the time, drunk with power. Her reality seems to be a hallucination, made up in her own mind. Have you ever looked someone in the eyes and it just looked like “nobody’s home”? Nancy Pelosi is the textbook example.  They are all just angry miserable people all of the time and I could never understand why. I almost feel bad for them… almost.

I think the best person at appearing to be normal is Hillary Clinton. She is really good at making it look like she is happy. And honestly, I wouldn’t blame her for being pissed, having to be married to a ignorant pervert like Bill.

After trying to think of one liberal in my life, or in public office that resembles a somewhat normal person, I started to think: how do they get like that? I have a theory.

Most of us that attend college, or even in high school, tend to be a little more liberal in our political beliefs. As we get older and ship off for the real world we learn how the country works and how to live a productive life to the best of our abilities. This tends to give us more of a “common sense” view of things. Liberals that are in public office, for some reason, never make this transformation. Something in their human development just stops.

Let me give you an example. I have a friend who’s brother is a very liberal college professor. He went from high school to college, for about 12 years and went right to being a professor. Never went into the real world. Never had to compete for anything in his entire life. Never had to succeed at anything other than just getting good grades, which in his field (philosophy), all the assignments can pretty much be phoned in (provided you don’t question the professors political beliefs).

Now I don’t know about the rest my conservative friends, but I would be pretty miserable too if I never truly accomplished anything in my life. Getting a college degree is a starting point for future accomplishments. It isn’t meant to be the end. I believe that the natural human yearning is to contribute the the betterment of mankind, and to unleash your full potential. But a college professor that hasn’t had any experience doing anything prior to teaching? Please! I had a professor like this in college, he got zero respect from his students.

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