Al Gore and His Inconveniently-Missed Chance

Posted on October 5, 2009


I don’t know about you, but where I live (Chicago) it has been well below average all year in temperature. I could not help but start thinking about Al Gore and others who buy into this global warming thing. I can’t help noticing that when its hotter than normal they call it "Global Warming", when its colder than normal it switches to "Climate Change". Are we supposed to believe that whenever the temperature deviates AT ALL from the average we are supposed to panic? A little tough to believe, especially the statistical problems it represents.

The main issue I have is with Al Gores inability to cash in when he has a huge chance. Average global temperature (however that’s calculated) has been on a decline since the late 90’s. However, Mr. Gore’s response is still to insist that global warming is a problem and we still need to do something about it. Its like trying to convince a blind man "You really can see, you’re just in a room with the lights off right now. With a little money, maybe I can get this door open…or not. You know what,  just hand over your money". My response to the declining temperatures would have been: "We did it!". This could have made him look like a god.

Huge missed opportunity Mr. Gore. I understand that there is a certain money aspect associated with keeping this global warming hysteria alive, but think of the money a book titled "How to change global climate" would bring in.

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